Kakanuo Lamp Production Process

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Kakanuo is a lamp factory focus on table lamp and floor lamp.We are famous table lamp manufacturers in China with more than 20000 square meters lamp production environment.Now, we produce more than 100,000 table lamps for our sales partners every month.Today I would like to share how we manufacture lamps for our customers’ customization offer.

1.Customers tell us their ideas,then we will draw the 3D and 2D drawings

2.According to the drawings, sample would be prototyped quickly. Then the electrical appliances and structure are optimized according to the actual situation, as well as the manual and packaging design.

3. Send the improved sample back to the customer for confirmation, collect customer opinions, formulate corrective measures and verify

4. Carry out certification test plan for the final product such as voltage test, function test, 8 degree tilt angle test, and package drop test

5. Procurement of materials and arrangement of production plans, collecting suggestions for improvement during the production process

6. Carry out quality inspection on all finished products and delivery them to customers after passing the inspection

7. Customers feedback the sales situation and sales plan.At the same time we will upgrade and optimize the products and prepare materials in advance