Some Equipments To Improve Kakanuo Lamps' Quality

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The sudden COVID-19 in 2020 has brought tremendous changes to the world. The COVID-19  has subverted consumer behavior this year and further strengthened people's online consumption habits. The proportion of e-commerce in overall retail sales has increased from 13.4% in 2019 to nearly one-fifth. According to statistics, by 2024, online retail The share of US retail sales will increase to 31%. Previously, UBS predicted that average online sales would increase by 11% within five years, and now it has raised this forecast to 12%. There is no doubt that lamps industry is also undergoing this change. Consumers have changed from purchasing lamps mainly in physical stores to more and more online purchases.Based on this trend, we continue to improve our packaging.In view of the safety problem of mail box packaging, Kakanuo lamps factory has equipped some equipments for testing.

  • Transport Simulation Vibration Table

The purpose of the simulated transportation table is to make a series of controllable vibration simulations in the experiment to test whether the product can withstand the test of transportation or vibration environmental factors during the life cycle. It can also determine the required standards for product design and function. According to statistics, this measure can improve the design level by 3%. And it will increase recycling by 20% and reduce unnecessary expenditure by 18%, which is of great significance to the improvement of our product quality.

  • Severe environment simulator

This machine customized by us can simulate different temperature, humidity and other conditions. Since some of our customers sell on Amazon, Wayfair, Wal-Mart and other platforms, they need to be labeled. Or maybe there are barcodes on some boxes. The function of our machine is mainly to test whether our products and our packaging can avoid potential risks in various environments. This test helps us to improve the quality of our products.


In addition to the above tools, our engineers also worked hard on the design of the product structure. We strive to make the product packaging volume smaller, thereby reducing shipping costs for our customers.Rich product experience frees our customers from the after-sales worries of many products.

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