Why is the Sunset Lamp so popular?

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Halo Edition sunset projection lamp, launched by Italian design studio Mandalaki. With strong and vibrant natural colors, the romantic atmosphere of the sunset is brought into the indoor space, and people's perception of the space is expanded. Due to its brilliant lighting effects, it has been very popular on tiktok and Instagram recently. Many bloggers use it as a background wall to take pictures and videos.

The key to the sunset light is its mirror reflection, which brings a sunset-like atmosphere through the refraction effect of the glass lens. Kakanuo Lamp Factory has increased its research on glass lamps this year. Through changes in glass materials, this year will bring a series of lamp products.

Today I want to introduce you to Kakanuo’s latest cracked glass floor lamp, which is suitable for use in the living room and next to the desk. It is a very cool home decoration when the light is turning off, and its warm lighting effect is very suitable for reading and decoration after turning on the light.At present,we are the original manufacturer in the market.will it become the next sunset lamp?